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The Advisory program at Albany Middle School has been designed to give students and teachers time to discuss, reflect, and act on the issues that affect our school community. Classes meet on Wednesday mornings for 20 minutes. Though this time is relatively brief, we work hard to develop and revise an Advisory curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and responsive to the social-emotional needs of middle school children. Some topics we have highlighted include:
  • 4B’s: School Rules and Safety
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Team-Building: Diversity Superhero Door Decorating Contest
  • Mirror and Windows: Anti-Bias Education
  • Safe School Ambassador Skills: Responding to Mistreatment
  • Diversity Gay Straight Alliance: LGBTQ awareness
  • Bridges: Grade-level panel(s) for year ahead
  • #BeautifulCommunity: Neighborhood Relations
  • PEAK: 8th graders mentoring 6th graders