Science Olympiad

Description: Science Olympiad is a National organization of science competitions covering 23 topics in science and engineering. Events range from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Sciences, exploring forensics to bridge building to anatomy to wave physics and much much more.  Some events involve studying while others involve building a device or lab work. Students must join the club in September. Students will then prepare for the events for many months. In Winter we attend invitationals.  In Spring we compete at Regionals against other Bay Area middle schools. For the past 3 years we have ranked in the top 4 teams each year and attended State 2 times, and ranked 7th.  If we win State, we go to Nationals.

Coaches:  The AMS coaches are all volunteer parents.  We look to recruit guest speakers and mentors from science and engineering, and other community members to lend their expertise to various events. If you can connect us with someone in the area, please contact us.

Tryouts:  Tryouts typically take place in early October. There may or may not be a tryout test and/or activity.  Students will receive information, participate in Club activities every Wednesday, and complete an Interest Sheet. We see which events need tryouts. Coaches make their selections and post the teams 1-2 weeks after the tryouts.  Roster decisions are final, no conferences or parent meetings will be held regarding team selections.  The SciOly team is an extra-curricular / club activity.  

Selection Criteria:   We prioritize veteran SciOly students, and 8th graders. In general we are looking for experienced, hard working, bright students, and we welcome and support all curious and passionate students at all levels. We value enthusiasm, intelligence, hard work, attention to detail, team work, leadership and creative thinkers..Team selections are made by a group of parent coaches and our faculty advisor looking at many different factors.  

Practice Schedule: Science Olympiad is a BIG commitment.  Practices are Wednesday and Friday during Oct - Dec.  After winter break the schedule intensifies and student schedules vary depending on their events.  We also meet for Sunday afternoon sessions from 1-4pm.  Team members -- and their parents -- need to be prepared to make Sci Oly a top priority.

Team Size: We typically form an A team and a B team, it is possible that we may form a C team as well.  Each team is made of 15 students.  We typically have 50+ applicants.  There will be team members selected from all grade levels.  We may choose up to five  9th graders from last year’s team. We try to find a place for everyone for at least one event, and up to 3 teams to host all kids.

Competition Dates / Locations:

*** Before considering Science Olympiad, please be aware of these dates and also the time involved with this schedule.

Churchill Invite:                        Dec 3rd    

Mira Loma Invitational:           Jan 7th    

Wicklund Invite:                       Feb 4th

Regionals:                               March 11

State:                                      April 1 @  CSU Hayward      

Nationals:                               May 17-21    @   Wright State University, Ohio   

More Info: email parent coach: Elaine Holliman, [email protected]