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Update on Recent Events at Albany High School

March 28, 2017

AUSD Parents, Staff, Students & Community Members,

It is important that our AUSD students, parents, staff and community knows that we are moving as quickly, proactively, and thoughtfully as possible in response to the recent racism and hate that surfaced last week at Albany High School. We also want the Albany community to know that we are responding with systemic action and using this as a teachable moment for all AUSD students. (click for more)

Message to the Community Anti-Semitic Incident at AHS

March 28, 2017

AUSD Parents, Staff, Students & Community Members,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of an anti-semitic incident that occurred on the Albany High School campus. The situation, which I describe below, was handled the day that Principal Anderson and his co-administrators were alerted to the incident. Given our recent experiences and our reaffirmed commitment to safe and welcoming campuses, we are providing the details of this situation to you. (click for more)

Public Notice Re: Comprehensive Health and Sexuality, Albany Middle School

On April 25th and May 9th, 2017 the Board of Education of the Albany Unified School District will be considering the following course and instructional materials. The instructional materials and course outlines are on display for public review in the main office at Albany Middle School Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm. Any questions regarding the adoption should be directed to Peter Parenti, Assistant Superintendent at (510) 558-3750 X3772.

Joint Letter from the Board President and Superintendent to the AUSD Community

March 23, 2017

Dear AUSD Community,

Both Superintendent Williams and I know that the posting of racially offensive and hurtful pictures on Instagram has deeply impacted our community. We are extremely disturbed by these photos and saddened that this occurred at AHS. Racially offensive and other hurtful behavior will not be tolerated at any of our schools. (click for more)

A Message from the Albany African American/Black Parent Engagement Committee

March 24, 2017

Statement of Support for the Students and Families Targeted by Racist Photos Posted to Social Media

The members of the African-American/Black Parent Engagement Committee are deeply saddened and concerned by the recent racist actions at Albany High School; we extend our heartfelt support and empathy to the students and their parents of AHS that were the targets of hate and bigotry this week. Members of the AA/BPEC are parents, teachers and administrators of Albany Unified. We stand behind you and support you during this stressful time. (click for more)

Letter from Principal- click here to read

Letter from Principal about school's response to racially charged comments followed by a middle school discussion with parents, staff, and students around the topic of race issues specifically impacting our middle school students on Wednesday from 5-6:30pm in the AMS library

Recent Events

Dear AMS Community,

I wanted to reach out in light of the recent racially-charged social media incident at AHS. While this happened with high school students, this event impacts the entire community. It is so painful to see what our young people, what the children in OUR community are being forced to contend with. I hope that you will help all of your children process this. I hope that we can find ways to show support for the students who were targeted. I hope those students who were targeted and their parent/guardians can feel an outpouring of support from their community. Our community.

We will be hosting a meeting to look at race in our schools, to talk about the types of interactions that students are faced with, and to see what more we can do as a school and as a community to educate, to prevent, and to address.

Our African American students, families, and staff as well as students, families, and staff of color need to know that we as their community stand behind them. What happened is not okay and has no place in our community.

In partnership,
Deborah Brill, Principal

AMS Funding Survey

Hello Community,
We really need your input on funding priorities for the 2017-18 school year to pass on to fundraising groups such as SchoolCARE. Please take 2 minutes to rank your priorities. You can get there by clicking on the "AMS Funding Survey" title above. Thank you so much!
Deborah Brill, Principal

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AHS/AMS Symphonic Band/Orchestra Concert
Date: 3/28/2017, 7 PM 9 PM
Location: El Cerrito High School Theater
End of Quarter Schedule, 1:50 dismissal
Date: 3/30/2017, 11 AM 12 PM
CMEA Band/Orchestra Festival
Date: 3/31/2017
Location: El Cerrito High School theater
End of Quarter Schedule, 1:50 dismissal
Date: 3/31/2017, 11 AM 12 PM
CMEA Band/Orchestra Festival
Date: 4/1/2017
Location: El Cerrito High School theater

Principal's Message

Hello AMS Families,

AMS is being spotlighted by the Board of Education this month.  At the board meeting, we presented our pride in all of the clubs we have to offer.  We recognize how important student engagement is to students' success in school.  We are grateful to have so many teachers who offer these opportunities to our students.  Check out our video!
Thank you,