Albany Middle School

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Announcements: Friday, May 26th

Cobra Caughtcha Winners: 6th: Kate Hoban, 7th: Anna Rodriguez, 8th: Hunter Erickson

Thank you all of our wonderful and talented students who ran for student body! We’ve counted the ballots and have the results.

Here are next year’s 8th grade officers:

Senators - Jamie Loizeaux and Liliana Matthews

Treasurer - Aden Cicourel

Secretary - Oliver Rosenthal

Vice President - Selina Yong

President - Tatiana Lira

And here are next year’s 9th grade officers:

Student Council - Nicholas Chen, Mimi Chuang, Shawn Fong, Melissa Zhou, and Joseph Hartono

Secretary/Treasurer - Zoe Ou

Vice President - Chloe Park

President - Sofia Del Priore

We are running an Art Contest for our Promotion Program

  • Black and white, no colors; should say “AMS Promotion 2017” in picture

  • Half sheets to draw on and samples of past winners in office

  • Deadline: 6/1

Attention all former and current Loftus Crew members! Ms. Loftus will sadly be leaving AMS next year for the strange land of Chicago, but she wants to go out with a BANG! Mark your calendar for Friday, June 9 at LUNCH and AFTER SCHOOL to remember the good times, eat light snacks, and say goodbye! If you can't make it then, please stop by at some point!

8th Graders!  If you have extra Promotion Ceremony Tickets, please turn them into the office.

Thank you.

Film Club will be meeting  in room 202 today (5/26) during lunch.

All film enthusiasts are welcome.

Noontime Sports is offering Quidditch at lunch in the gym this Tuesday (5/30) and Friday (6/2).  Come check it out.  Yes, we have brooms!!!  6th Grade at 12:40, 7th/8th grades at 1:00.  Please wait outside of the gym at the white line until a teacher lets you into the gym.

Registration for the 2017 Albany Girls Basketball Camp is now open. Camp will take place July 10-14. Online registration is available on

Attention all former Art Students! If you have left any artwork with Ms. Luci throughout the year please stop by the art room during lunch or after school to pick it up. Thanks!