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Albany Middle School Super Friend!

In February, we asked students to share stories about classmates who are kind, compassionate, and help to create a community of respect here at AMS. We received many thoughtful and wonderful essays that made us proud of our awesome students who make AMS a welcoming and inclusive place. The winning essay by Ally Chiang was chosen for her beautiful description, excellent examples, and celebrating a true Super Friend, Emily Laxamana. Read it below!

Ally Chiang

7th Grade

AMS Superfriend: Emily Laxamana

I have known Emily Laxamana for almost four years. Since the day I’ve met her, she has always been extremely kind and a great friend to me and everyone else. Emily is easy-going, a good listener, and a really lovable girl, so she befriends everyone she meets. I have a million great stories, but only enough space to give three examples of how Emily sees the best in people, is inclusive, and encouraging. Everyone who knows her would definitely agree that she is the perfect person to hold the title as the Albany Middle School Superfriend.

Emily is an extraordinary friend because she is always positive and no doubt looks for the best in people, especially when others don’t see it. One time when we were hanging out with other friends, a question came up, “Who in this school do you dislike the most?” A certain name came up a number of times. Emily said that she was partners with that girl, and Emly notice that she was actually really sweet and did her part in the project.

One of the best things about Emily is that she won’t just note the bad things going on around her. She will go out of her way to improve the situation by doing whatever she can to help. I remember one day during lunch, she passed by a girl she didn’t know who was sitting alone a few tables away and crying. Without hesitation, Emily offered her a cookie and asked if she was okay.

Emily is selfless and considerate, and I’m forever thankful that I know her. Back in elementary school, my friends would play handball at a court in our after school program. They had all been playing for months so they were really good. I didn’t exactly like to try new things when it came to sports, so I would always sit on the side to watch them play and cheer them on. Emily encouraged me to play and was the first one to help me on the handball court, then soon, the whole group was teaching me how to play by the rules and all the best moves. Thanks to her, I might not have ever touched a handball and discovered how fun it was to play a simple game with a group of friends. She also offered to be my partner in team handball even though I was a horrible beginner, and she could have partnered with someone else.

Emily doesn’t think twice about doing the right thing. She just does it. She definitely makes a great impact on the many students in this school who know her, including me, because she is honest, compassionate, selfless, and kind. Emily will give that second chance, stop by the girl sitting alone, and unashamedly and willingly partner with the unathletic queen of clumsy, and stick up for others because that’s just who Emily is.