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State Testing Results

CALIFORNIA ASSESSMENT OF STUDENT PERFORMANCE AND PROGRESS: Results from the ​2016 ​Smarter Balanced Assessments, as well as other statewide tests ​are now available.

Th​e​ ​public ​​has access to a variety of ​reports related to summary results, growth rates as compared to 2015, and more​. ​These reports can be found at​.​

​Individual student test results for students who were enrolled as 3rd-8th, 10th, and 11th grades are being mailed home to parents during the month of September. A letter from the Albany School District will be included with the student's report and provides information about how to read and interpret these scores.​ ​For more information, including video tutorials and frequently asked questions, please visit the following​ ​website:​. ​
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