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Student Halloween Costume Expectations

In an effort to enjoy and celebrate Halloween at AMS appropriately, respectfully, and in accordance with school rules, we ask that students use the following guidelines when selecting a costume:

1) Costumes that could be offensive or perpetuate a stereotype of someone’s culture, gender, heritage, or religion are not permitted.
2) Masks may be worn at the 6th grade Halloween party, but not during the rest of the school day. The same is true for face makeup that covers the entire face.
3) Costumes must follow dress code. (See Student Planner)
4) Fake weapons are not allowed.
5) Costumes should not hinder your ability to participate in your classes, including P.E. Costumes may not disrupt or impede traffic, or present issues of safety in the hallway.
6) You may come to school in your costume, or you may change into your costume at lunchtime in the locker room. If any part of your costume is a distraction during class, you may be asked to change until lunchtime.

Students wearing questionable costumes will be asked to change into normal school attire. If you have any questions regarding your costume idea, we encourage you to speak with Ms. Brill or Mr. Haupert.
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Seeking Auction Items/Experiences

Albany Middle PTA's Online Auction is set to open on Nov 3rd. We are seeking donations of items & experiences to auction off as part of this annual fundraiser. If you an item to donate or would host a party or class to benefit our school, please contact Kat Bliss at: Thank you!
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School Site Council Ballot Election for Parent/Community Seats

School Site Council (SSC) is an important governing group on the school campus. The SSC meets approximately once per month to review our Single Plan for Student Achievement and to guide our work towards our goals. This year, we have two parent/community seats open and are hosting a ballot election for these seats to be filled.

The ballot is attached to this post. You may download it and send it in via email to or come in to our office (where we also have copies). You may vote for up to two people.
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