Announcements: March 12, 2019

Cobra Caughtcha winners:


6th grade: Cassidy Rasmussen

7th grade: Angelica Costes

8th grade: Amy Wu



  • The Dungeons and Dragons Club is meeting in room 107
  • Activities Club is meeting in portable 5.
  • *Garden Club is meeting at the start of 7th/8th grade lunch. Eat your lunch first.

Due to conference week all students must leave the campus immediately after school ends.


Ms. Uyeda would like to thank the following people for making Unity Week such a positive and fun time last week:

  • The English, math, science, and history teachers who included Unity Week and International Women's Day lessons in their classrooms.
  • All the students and adults who dressed for Spirit Days, wore Unity Week shirts, or said or wrote something kind to someone else last week! Thank you!

7th grade Boy’s Basketball is at the 7th grade tournament at Stanley Middle School in Lafayette.  

  • Game start at  7:00.

8th grade Boy’s Basketball is at the 8th grade tournament at Foothill Middle School in Walnut Creek.  

  • Game start at 4:00.