Visiting AMS

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Visiting During School Hours
Please report to the main office to sign in and get a visitor badge.
If you would like to take something to your student, please drop it off in the main office and our fabulous student aides will deliver it to your student's classroom.
If you would like to meet with a teacher or other staff, please pre-arrange the meeting. Please see Visiting Policy for Current Parents/Guardians (below).
We are unable to accommodate any students on our campus during the school day (including lunchtime) who do not currently attend AMS. This includes former students, visiting students, and prospective students. Thank you for understanding our need to be consistent with this policy.
Visiting Policy for Current Parents/Guardians

Throughout the course of the school year, teachers, counselors, and/or parents/guardians may determine that a parent/guardian classroom visit is necessary to support a student. In this case, these are the steps for a classroom visit:

  1. Email to initiate and schedule an in-person team meeting with the teacher, counselor, and parent/guardian (teacher/counselor may reach out to parent/guardian; parent/guardian may reach out to teacher/counselor).
    1. Administrators may be invited to join the team meeting. 
    2. If you initiate contact, please allow one business day (24 hours, Monday-Friday) for a response from teachers, counselors, and/or administrators. 
    3. Team meetings must be scheduled during a teacher’s non-instructional time. 
  2. Attend the in-person team meeting to discuss concerns and reasons for a classroom visit.
  3. If the team decides to proceed with a parent/guardian classroom visit, it must be scheduled at the end of the team meeting on a mutually agreed upon date, giving the teacher at least 2 full school days (48 hours, Monday-Friday) of notice prior to the visit.
  4. Parents/guardians will sign in to the front office on the agreed upon date and time of the classroom visit. All visitors to the AMS campus must wear a visitor badge. Visitors must be escorted by a member of the administration to the classroom and an administrator will be present for the duration of the classroom visit. Visitors must be quiet observers, refraining from conversation with teachers or students. 
    1. No electronic listening or recording device may be used by students or visitors in a classroom without the teacher and principal's permission (Education Code 51512). 
  5. Following the visit, the team may hold a debriefing session (i.e. email, phone call, meeting) to discuss the classroom visit.
  6. If additional classroom visits are deemed necessary by the team, please note that parents/guardians are permitted to visit up to two class periods (one teacher per period) once per semester. Steps 2 through 5 will repeat for each classroom visit.
Tours for Prospective Families
Albany Middle School welcomes prospective Albany families to our campus to learn about our school and its offerings.
Please contact Eric Mapes, Albany Middle School Principal at [email protected], to schedule a tour.