School Practices & Policies » Nuisance Item/Phone Policy

Nuisance Item/Phone Policy

At no time should electronic devices be on or visible during school hours. This includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, smart watches, iPads and iPods, and laser pointers. Any electronic device visible will be confiscated. In addition, other nuisance items that are distract from the learning environment should stay put away during class time or will be confiscated.

There is a binder in the office where we log confiscated items, with the following consequences:

● 1st time student picks up after school
● 2nd time – parent/guardian calls to release item to student
● 3rd time – parent /guardian must pick up confiscated item
● 4th time – parent/guardian and student must meet with school administrator before item is released
If parents/guardians need to reach a child during school hours, please call the office. Do not try to reach your child via their cell phone. Call the school office at (510) 558-3600.