Albany Middle School

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Tardy Policy

Albany Middle School Tardy Policy

Tardy 1 - warning via autodialer

Tardy 2 - warning via autodialer

Tardy 3 - warning via autodialer

Tardy 4 - lunch clean up (10 min)

Tardy 5 - lunch clean up (20 min)

Tardy 6 - after school detention (Wednesday - 45 min) + guardian notification via e-mail

Tardy 7 - student, guardian, administrator conference

Tardy 8 - lunch clean up (10 min)

Tardy 9 - lunch clean up (20 min)

Tardy 10+ - after school detention (Wednesday - 45 min) + loss of dance eligibility


Note: Every tardy triggers an automated call home

  • Students are considered tardy if they are not in their seat or assigned space when class begins.
  • Weekly tardy totals will be tallied on Thursday.
  • Students will be notified of all consequences via tardy slips by Monday of the following week.
  • Students serving lunch clean-ups should complete the clean-up the same day they receive notification.
  • Students serving after-school detentions must serve their detention the following Wednesday. All detentions will be from 2:15-3:00.
  • If the consequence isn’t served, the consequence is bumped up to the next level.
  • Students serving a clean-up need to check-in with the courtyard supervisor when starting and ending their clean up.