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Eligibility for Student Athletes

Eligibility for participation in after school sports:

1.  All student athletes must achieve at least a "C" average with no F's in the previous grading period. (If the last grading period ended at the 1st quarter, then the 1st quarter grade will count toward eligibility).  If a student's has below a "C" average and they have no F's they may go on academic probation once in their middle school career. See guidelines below for applying for academic probation.

2.  Student athletes are required to attend at least 4 classes of their school day in order to be eligible to practice or play in a scheduled match, game, or contest.  Athletes who cut a class or have an unauthorized absence may not practice or compete.

Academic Probation

Students who fail to meet the minimum grade requirements may be allowed to continue participation on an athletic team, pending approval by teachers & Athletic Director.  Students who are on academic probation will be expected to have all teachers complete a weekly progress report form on Friday of each week throughout their season of sport.  The weekly progress report form must be turned in to the Main Office every Friday by 3:15pm.   

Their eligibility to practice & play in games will depend on their performance in all classes for the entire week.  If a student fails to submit a progress report on Friday or if their progress report is not satisfactory, then they will have to sit out of practices and games the following week.  The student will then submit a progress report the following week in order to regain eligibility.  

Behavioral criteria for student athletes regarding referrals:

1 referral = player meeting with athletic director & coach to decide consequence

2nd referral = benched for next match/game/contest

3rd referral = possible removal from team as to be decided by the administration and athletic director

If a student athlete is suspended from school, the student athlete will not be eligible to return to the team until a meeting has taken place between the student, parent/guardian, coach and athletic director. During that meeting it will be decided whether or not the student is eligible for, or would benefit from, continued participation on the team.