Announcements: June 3, 2019



Happy Pride Month!  It was 50 years ago this month that LGBTQ New Yorkers rose up to protest police raids on the Stonewall Inn, a gay friendly bar catalyzing the LGBTQ liberation movement.  Their actions were among the first instances of major resistance to the maltreatment and criminalization of gay people in America. June, Pride Month, is a commemoration of these Stonewall Riots as well as a recognition of the impact of LGBTQ individuals around the world.  


Cobra Caughtcha Winners:

6th grade: Jaden Adler

7th grade: Pavlina de Leon

8th grade: Eli Irvine


And congratulations to the monthly Cobra Caughtcha winners!

6th grade: Fiona Chapman

7th grade: Etai Drori

8th grade: Anisa Andrade


Please come to the office during lunch or after school for a thank you gift for being such a great Cobra!


At Lunch:

  • table tennis in the gym. Please wait at the white line until a PE teacher lets you in.

  • GSA is meeting in room 203
  • Earth Team is meeting in room 109

The Technology Club is meeting after school in room 102


For any students who are interested in participating in a Traditional Mexican Dance, there will be a lunch meeting today in room 104 at 12:40.


Attention all advisory representatives: the last Student Council Meeting of the school year is this Wednesday, June 5th at 7:30am in the AMS library.  All representatives should plan on attending.


It is PE makeup mile week!  Meet on the Cougar Field track, and check in with the PE teacher there who will record your time.  Everyday at 12:40, and Wednesday at 12:10.


Lockers will be cleaned out and locks returned on Wednesday, June 5th. Please consider emptying and cleaning out your locker ahead of time to make the process smoother. Remember that you must return your lock if you received your lock this year, students will be billed $6 if they forget to return their lock.