7th Grade Families: Storybook Project Final Day 10/9

Hello to our 7th grade guardians!
As you may have heard, we are finishing up a storybook project this week and your students have been working very hard to make mathematically sound board books that would be appropriate for youngsters everywhere.  Their creativity and flexibility with mathematical situations is astounding and we have been blown away by these books over and over again the past week and a half.
On Wednesday 10/9, the stories will be presented to their class in the form of "story time."  In order to create a fun environment for the students, the 7th grade math classrooms will have large spaces to sit/lay on the ground and we are hoping to have snacks for the students to enjoy as well.  If you feel so inclined to provide snacks, please do make sure that they are of the sharing sort and are nut-free.  Some great snacks would include:
- popcorn / kettle corn / pirates booty
- pretzels
- goldfish / cheez-its
- graham crackers / animal crackers
Providing snacks is not required and will not effect grades, but we do thank you in advance for your generosity.  Please have your student bring the snack to their math teacher before school, during break, at lunch, or after school.  If you, the guardian, is bringing the snack in, just let Maria at the front office know who their math teacher is and the period your student has math.  Thank you so much!
- Velasquez and Vasarhely
Your 7th grade math teachers