Announcements: October 16th


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Attention students: Tomorrow  is the last day to turn in your cookie dough and magazine fundraiser order forms and money. When you get to school that morning, stop by the tables in front of the Main Office to submit your envelops and claim your prizes!

Cobra Caughtcha winners!

6th grade: Mila Camuto

7th grade: Izabella Tejeda

8th grade: Antara Mutalik 

At Lunch:

  • Battle of the Book Club meeting today in the library. See Ms. Perez if you have questions.
  • Cobra Gazzette meeting in room 215 at 7/8th grade lunch

Attention PEAK students.  We have no meeting today. We do have a newly scheduled meeting for tomorrow, Thursday 10/17 in Room 110 at 12:32.  You will receive passes to get out of your 5th period class early.   See you tomorrow!

There are still some slots available in art club! Please stop by the art room during lunch to get more information from Ms. Luci. Art club will meet every Tuesday in the art room at 12:30.

Students interested in playing girls basketball or coed-soccer: remind your parents to register you on the Family ID website by Thursday, October 17.  Tryouts begin on October 21st.