IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ: Hybrid/Remote Survey

Dear Albany Unified Parent/Guardian:


The AUSD School Board recently approved plans for a limited hybrid reopening of AUSD secondary schools. The target date for reopening is March 29th, pending Alameda County moving into the “Red” tier in California’s COVID tracking system. Our 6th grade is targeted to reopen as close to 5th grade as we can within planning parameters.  Any student who wishes to remain exclusively remote will be allowed to under these plans.

Under these plans, AMS will be continuing with its current Zoom class schedule, but provide an opportunity for students to come in two afternoons a week for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)/connection with other students and academic support and intervention. For this time, students will be assigned to a cohort with approximately 14 other students and one teacher in a classroom. As the pandemic situation improves, we will be continually reevaluating these plans and modifying them when appropriate to increase the amount of in-person instruction that can be provided safely and equitably.

Please follow these steps to indicate your preferences for hybrid schooling. We are asking for all families to fill this out regardless of whether you are opting in or out. This process must be completed separately for each student, even if they are from the same household. All responses should be provided by the end of the day on February 26th so we may begin scheduling students and teachers. If we do not receive a response from you we will assume you are not interested in in-person activities.


  • Log into the Aeries Parent Portal using the following link:

    • Parents/Guardians who have completed the data confirmation previously will need to navigate to the Authorizations tab of the data confirmation process. Please go to Student Info > Data Confirmation and select the Authorizations tab.

    • Parents/Guardians who have logged in previously and not completed the annual data confirmation process will automatically be directed to the data confirmation page, and will need to complete all items. Follow the instructions on each page to complete the process. The Authorizations tab is part of the data confirmation process.

    • Parents/Guardians who have not logged in previously already have an account and have received login information through an automated email message. Please refer to the FAQ for questions regarding logging in. If you do not have an Aeries account, contact our Assistant Principal, Ms. Floresca. Once you have accessed your account, you will need to complete the data confirmation process. The Authorizations tab is part of the data confirmation process.

  • The first option listed in the Authorizations tab will be the selection of In-Person or Remote Learning. Please read the options listed and select your preference for In-person Learning or Remote Learning for your student.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Assistant Principal or Principal. 

If you have strong feelings about your child needing to be with other students they already know or a particular teacher, please fill out this form after you have filled out the opt in or out on Aeries.  This part is optional. 

We look forward to seeing some students in person soon,

Deb Brill, Principal