IMPORTANT: Monday reminders for those who opted in to partial in-person

Hello AMS Community,
For families who have children who are remaining remote, we are hoping that the way we are setting up our classes will facilitate your students feeling connected and engaged.
For those families who opted your children in, please read the following.
Gold and Green Cohorts
Students are assigned to the following cohorts based on your child's last name:
6th Grade
Akl- Leon: GOLD
Leslie-Zimmerman: GREEN
7th Grade
Adams - Lopez: GOLD
Lou - Zupur: GREEN
8th Grade
AbeckSanetra-Lawrence: GOLD
Le-Zuniga: GREEN
The schedule is attached.  If you are in the Gold Cohort, you will attend classes at AMS for the Gold block and Zoom from home for the Green Block.  If you are in the Green Cohort, you will start your day Zooming from home for the Gold Cohort and attend classes at AMS for the Green Cohort.
Orientation Video
Students watched this video during community building.  There's a lot of information in there and I would suggest parents/guardians watch it to
You must complete the health screening a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your child coming to campus.  This must be done every day your child is on campus. Visit and click "sign in with Google."
Bring with You
All students when coming to campus need to bring (any essential items they cannot bring we will provide):
  • Chromebook or Zooming device FULLY CHARGED
  • Charger just in case
  • Earbuds/headphones
  • Layers (windows and doors will be open)
  • School materials for the classes they will be in on campus
  • Water bottle
  • Please make sure your child has looked on Aeries and knows the room numbers of the classes- write them down
Thank you and see you Monday!
Deb Brill, Principal