Albany Middle School

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Announcements: Thursday, June 15


Cobra Caughtcha Winners: 6th:Hannah Wang , 7th:Yeshe Nordup , 8th: Dennis Wang


8th grade teachers, please bring your 4th period classes down to the award’s ceremony with their backpacks directly after taking attendance.  Thank you.


8th Graders, please make sure that your permission slips are turned in for 6 Flags today. We will not accept permission slips after today, no exceptions! If you’re not sure, check with Ms. Minka in the office.


Students, just a reminder that sharpies are not permitted in school.  So, for yearbook signing, please use regular pens.


If you have left any artwork in the art room this year you MUST come pick it up by THIS Friday right after school. I will be clearing out all of the artwork in the summer.


Come join the fun in Room # 115 as it is the final 'Domino Domination' event of the year