Albany Middle School

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Announcements: Wednesday, August 30th


Cobra Caughtcha Winners:

6th grade: Nica Primmer

7th grade: John Costa

8th grade: Alex Apel

Teachers, if any of your students didn’t get planners, please send them to the office now to get one.  Thank you.

Students, your bikes belong inside the bike cage, nowhere else on campus.  Please do not lock them to the gates because we can’t lock the cage.  If you locked your bike to the gate, please come down and move it.  Thank you!

Lockers will start being assigned to students this today through next Tuesday in the courtyard under the stairs. 8th graders will be assigned their lockers on today and Thursday at lunch or after school. 7th graders will be assigned their lockers on Friday and Tuesday at lunch or after school. Students must share a locker with one other student who is in the same grade. Students interested in being assigned a locker can either purchase a lock or bring their own. To purchase a lock, students must bring $6 exact change or a check payable to AUSD. If bringing their own lock, it must be a Master Lock V15. Students who do not have the appropriate lock will not be assigned a locker. Students should bring either their printed schedule with their name on it or their name clearly written on a piece of paper.

Students who are assigned a locker at lunch should wait until after school to set up their lockers. Please do not go into the building at lunch.

Our tardy policy will begin tomorrow morning. Any tardy accrued starting Thursday morning will count towards a student’s total number of tardies. Consequences for tardies start at 4 tardies. Please see your planner for more information.

Final rule reminders:

7/8th Graders, please do not pass through the 6th grade hallway.

The front bike rack is for staff only. Please use the bike racks across the courtyard.

Always have a pass if you’re in the hallways during class - ask your teacher for one.

No food on the blacktop or field.

The bleachers are off limits at lunch!