Albany Middle School

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Announcements: Friday, September 1st

Cobra Caughtcha Winners:

6th grade: Bridget Hale

7th grade: John Costa

8th grade: Rashmit Shrestha


It is going to be hot today! We’re all going to need to Be Safe in the heat, so if you need a place to cool down at lunch, the following classrooms will be open: P1, P2, P3, 111, and 201. Please make sure you drink plenty of water.


Lockers are being assigned to 7th grade students today and next Tuesday in the courtyard under the stairs at lunch. Students must share a locker with one other student who is in the same grade. Students interested in being assigned a locker can, purchase a lock, bring their own, or request one to use for the year. To purchase a lock, students must bring $6 exact change or a check payable to AUSD. If bringing their own lock, it must be a Master Lock V15. Students should bring either their printed schedule with their name on it or their name clearly written on a piece of paper.


Students who are assigned a locker at lunch should wait until after school to set up their lockers. Please do not go into the building at lunch.


Our tardy policy is in effect. Consequences for tardies start at 4 tardies. Please see your planner for more information.


Reminder: There will be no school on Monday for Labor Day!