An Amazing AMS SuperFriend!

James Mercer
I believe a super friend is a person who is kind to everyone and helps build a community. I believe Leo Pedersen exemplifies what a super friend should be by making a conscious effort to be friendly to everyone, and he also invites people to join his community of friends. Leo Pedersen is a true example of what a Super Friend should be.

From the first day of school Leo Pedersen has always said, “Hi” to me. It might be hard to understand why it is important that one kid says, “Hi” to you in the morning. When you are the new kid that one word phrase is a gateway to so much more, it shows you that you belong, it gives a sense of respect, and it sets positive spin on your day. When someone says, “Hi” to me I personal get a little bit happier no matter how bad my day has been, or what challenge I know lies before me. It puts a little skip in my step which can travel across a school like wildfire until everyone is in a good mood. But Leo does not just stop at hello; he makes people feel welcome at Albany Middle School.

Leo invites them to come play Magic the Gathering with him. Leo’s little invitation has grown a small group of three playing Magic under the stairs in the atrium to a good group of 15. This invitation welcomes people into a community. This community Leo has helped build is strong, loyal, and kind. He always welcomes new people and makes them feel at home. The sense of community that Leo Pedersen has built at Albany Middle School is what makes him a true Super Friend.