Announcements: Monday, June 11th

Cobra Caughtcha Winners:

6th grade: Dorian Mason

7th grade: Cynthia Kamau

8th grade: Derrick Phan

Hey students, remember the buckets in your science class where we were collecting change for the letter writing campaign?  We wanted to let you know that with the money you all raised we were able to mail the letters you wrote AND make a donation to an advocacy group called "EveryTown" in the amount of $74.50.  Way to go! A little really goes a long way!

Photography Club members who ordered portfolios!  Don't forget to bring your money and your food to share TOMORROW to the last club meeting of the year.

At lunch today:

  • Latino Club is having its final meeting. Come to Portable 2 to celebrate the end of the school year.
  • The LAST DGSA meeting of the year (and potluck!) is in room 210.
  • The Anime Club marathon starts in P1!
  • Noontime sports is offering table tennis in the gym  In addition, there will be a lowered hoop and slam dunk practice for 8th graders only.  Slam dunk contest tomorrow!!
  • Please come to room 201 if you are an 8th grade girl who is interested in playing soccer next year at AHS. Bring your lunch!

All eighth graders who agreed to or are curious about the International Welcome for the Promotion Ceremony must come to a rehearsal tomorrow, Tuesday, at the beginning of lunch in Room 204. Please see Ms. Uyeda with any questions.

8th graders, please take a look at the lists posted in the hallways. They will tell you how to line up for promotion practice on Wednesday. Please find your name on the list, and memorize the names above and below yours. This will help you find your place in line!