Announcements: Wednesday, November 14th

Announcements: Wednesday, November 14th

Cobra Caughtcha Winners:

6th grade: Jaylen Long

7th grade: Joseph Son

8th grade: Adam Brewster

This is the Gender and Sexualities Alliance with a Transgender Awareness Week announcement. This week is Transgender Awareness Week. Transgender refers to a person whose gender identity does not match the person’s biological sex. Transgender people may additionally identify as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, and so on. Cisgender refers to a person whose gender identity matches the person’s biological sex.

Come check out our table in the atrium today at lunch and learn more about transgender and gender non-conforming individuals and write supportive messages. Next Tuesday, November 20th, wear a pink, blue, or white shirt, the colors of the transgender flag, and we’ll take a group photo at lunch time showing our support for gender - expansive youth!

Safe School Ambassadors, don't forget to arrive at the Library at 8:00 tomorrow, Thursday and the next day, Friday. Please see Ms. Uyeda if you have any questions.

The library will be closed ALL DAY on Thursday and Friday this week (before school, passing periods, lunch, after school and during classes). Thanks for your patience.

Due to the smoke and air quality, the outside will be closed today at lunch.  6th graders should eat inside the school building on the first floor and 7/8th graders should eat on the bleachers in the gym.  After eating, we are asking 6th graders to stay in the main building and 7/8th graders to stay in the gym.