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Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which sports does Albany Middle School offer and when does each season begin?

Fall Season: (September-November)

Girls Volleyball                                             Cross Country (Boys/Girls)               Flag Football (Boys/Girls)

8A/8B                                                              Grades 6-8                                          Grade 6 (Intramural team)

7A/7B                                                                                                                          Grades 7/8 (1 Co-ed team)    



Winter Season: 

Girls Basketball* (Nov.-Jan.)          Boys Basketball* (Dec.-Mar.)         Boys/Girls Soccer (Nov.- Dec.)     

8A                                                       8A                                                    Grades 7-8 ONLY (2 Co-ed teams)   

7A                                                       7A

6A/6B                                                  6A/6B


Boys/Girls Wrestling (Feb. - April)

Grades 6-8


Spring Season: (April-June)

Boys/Girls Track & Field                  Boys/Girls Ultimate Frisbee

Grades 6-8                                          Grades 6-8 (2 Co-ed teams)

  1. What are the eligibility requirements in order to play on a team?


In order to be eligible for sports and/or extra and co-curricular activities, a student must achieve the following:

  1.  All student athletes must achieve at least a 2.0 GPA with no F's in the previous grading period. (If the last grading period ended at the 1st quarter, then the 1st quarter grade will count toward eligibility).  If a student's GPA is below a 2.0 and they have no F's then the student athlete may be placed on academic probation.
  1.  Student athletes are required to attend at least 4 classes of their school day in order to be eligible to practice or play in a scheduled match, game, or contest.  Athletes who cut a class or have an unauthorized absence may not practice or compete.

  2. Will I still be allowed to play if my grades were below a 2.0 in the previous grading period?

    Students who fail to meet the minimum grade requirements will be placed on academic probation and will be expected to turn in a completed weekly progress report to the Main Office every Friday by 3:15pm in order to continue athletic participation.   

    Their eligibility to participate in athletics will depend on their performance in all classes for the entire week.  If a student fails to submit a progress report on Friday or if their progress report is not satisfactory, then they will have to sit out of practices and games the following week.  The student will then submit a progress report the following week in order to regain eligibility.  

  1. What do I have to do in order to get cleared to tryout for a team?

    In order to get cleared for athletic participation, students must complete their ONLINE Athletic Clearance through FamilyID by the scheduled deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted.

    Volleyball, Football & Cross Country: Monday, Aug. 21st at 8:00am - Friday, Sept. 1st at 3:00pm
    Girls Basketball & Co-Ed Soccer: Monday, Sept. 25th at 8:00am - Thursday, Oct. 26th at 3:00pm
    Boys Basketball: Monday, Nov. 6th at 8:00am - Thursday, Dec. 7th at 3:00pm
    Boys/Girls Wrestling: Monday, Jan. 8th at 8:00am - Thursday, Feb. 8th at 3:00pm
    Boys/Girls Track & Field: Monday, Feb. 26th at 8:00am - Thursday, March 29th at 3:00pm
    Boys/Girls Ultimate Frisbee: Monday, Feb. 26th at 8:00am - Thursday, March 29th at 3:00pm

  2. Does everyone make the team or do I have to tryout?

    We have a large number of students who tryout for our athletic teams, so unfortunately not everyone can be selected to make the team. Cross Country & Track & Field rosters are limited to 100 participants.
  1. Do I have to update my online Athletic Registration even if I have already played a sport this year at AMS?

    Yes. Your ONLINE Athletic Registration must be updated by the deadline for each season of sport in which you are participating.

  2. What if I do not complete my ONLINE Athletic Registration by the scheduled deadline for my season of sport?

    If your ONLINE Athletic Registration is not completed by the deadline, then the student will not be allowed to participate on an AMS athletic team for that season.
  3. How many days a week do teams practice/play?

    Most teams practice and/or play 4-5 days a week, including Saturdays. Practices take place between 3:00-6:30pm. (Saturday practices are optional)
  4. How long does a typical practice last?

    Most practices last between 1.5 – 2 hours. Saturday practices may last up to 2.5 hours.
  5.  Am I expected to attend all practices & games?

    Yes. Absences may impact student-athlete’s playing time. Student-athletes are expected to contact their coach directly if they will miss any practices/games. Excessive absences may cause the student-athlete to be removed from the team.
  6. If I make the team, am I guaranteed playing time?

    No. Playing time is never guaranteed, but AMS coaches do their best to play as many team members as possible.
  7. Will I be expected to miss class on game days?

    Yes. Student-athletes are dismissed 15-30 minutes early from school in order to travel to some away games. You will be expected to make up any work you missed.
  8. Is there a Sports Booster Club at Albany Middle School?

    Yes. Albany Athletics Boosters is an organization that helps to raise $180,000 a year to keep the AHS & AMS Athletics Program running. Volunteers for the Booster Club are always needed. For more information please visit the AMS website at
  9. Does it cost anything to play on a team?

    Everyone who plays on a team is asked to make a voluntary $140 per player/per sport donation to Albany Athletics Boosters. This donation helps to cover the cost of uniforms, equipment, transportation, coach stipends, etc. No student will be denied participation on a team due to lack of funds.
  10.  Are parents expected to volunteer & help with fundraising?

    Yes. Parents of student-athletes are expected to attend & volunteer at home games and to participate in team fundraising efforts throughout the season & school year. The Athletic Department relies heavily on parent donations and fundraising to keep our program running.
  11. Where can I find more information about the Albany Middle School Athletic Department?

    Parents & students can find all necessary information about the AMS Athletic Department on the AMS website.