6th Grade » Reading, Writing and History

Reading, Writing and History


6th graders at Albany Middle School are fortunate to have two language arts periods, one in which we can focus on core literature. Many School Board Approved texts are read in depth, where books are read and discussed together. Every student will read The Miracle Worker, The Giver, and The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963, as well as selected stories from our literature anthology. Themes are explored through projects, acting and discussions deepening students’ understanding of important internal and external issues.


In the 6th grade English/language arts course, student practice skills based on the California State Standards. In writing, the paragraph is emphasized as the building block of any piece of writing. The writing process is emphasized as students practice writing multi-paragraph essays of various genres. Students write narratives and expository essays. Students learn the techniques of argumentative writing. They learn the research process in preparation for 7th grade writing and are exposed to library skills to support their work.


Albany Middle School students study ancient history through the textbook History Alive! The Ancient World and exciting, hands-on activities. The course begins with archaeology & the study of early humans and leads to the study of the Paleolithic hunter-gatherers & the Neolithic farmers. The course transitions into the early civilizations of Mesopotamia as the cradle of civilization and leads into Ancient Egypt and the Hebrews.

The second half of the year focuses on India, China, Greece and Rome, and the legacies those civilizations leave to us in the modern day. We learn about religions that originated in India and delve into Chinese philosophy. The course ends with the study of Greece and Rome, leaving students ready for Rome’s fall in the start of 7th grade. Geography is woven through all units of study to gain a sense of the world and where these civilizations began.