General Information

Welcome to AMS Boys' Basketball!
8th Grade Coach: Demaur Owens
7th Grade Coach: Louis Fort
6th GOLD team Coaches: Eli Mander
6th BLACK team Coach: Sammy Donovan
ONLINE Athletic Registration Deadline:
If your child is interested in trying out for one of the AMS Boys' Basketball teams, then you must complete your ONLINE Athletic Registration by Thursday, Dec. 12th at 3:00pm.  Registration opens on Monday, Nov. 5th @ 8:00am and will close on Thursday, Dec. 13th at 3:00pm. No late registrations will be accepted. See link below to register online.
All parents of those participating on one of the AMS Boys Basketball teams are highly encouraged to attend the Boys Basketball Parent Meeting 

Tryouts (January 6-9)
Tryouts will take place the week of Jan. 6-9. See tryout schedule below. Please make sure your child wears appropriate attire for each day of tryouts (gym shorts, t-shirt, basketball shoes).
Due to the high number of students trying out, doors will remain closed throughout the tryouts session and parents will be asked to wait outside or in the gym lobby.  
Tryout Schedule (Jan 6-9)
Monday, Jan 6th:
Tuesday, Jan 7th:
Wednesday, Jan 8th:
Thursday, Jan 9th:
** All tryouts will take place in the AMS gym!