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Library Information

Library Mission
The mission of the Albany Middle School Library is to nurture lifelong readership, ethical and effective research, and compassion for one's community and the larger world.
Library Hours
Library is open during school hours.
Library Policies
Students may use the library during school hours, including lunch, passing periods, and during classtime with teacher permission. Students can check out books, print out assignments, work on homework, sit and read quietly and hang out with friends.
Library Lessons
ELA classes at all grade levels visit the library at least once a month for lessons on a variety of topics including: using the library catalog, understanding the organization of the library, the research process, searching databases, website evaluation, plagiarism, copyright, bibliographic tools, and more. Teachers also have the opportunity to sign up for additional library time to access research materials for various projects.
Book Challenges Policy
When a complaint against library materials cannot be resolved through informal discussion with the library staff, the following steps will be taken:
  1. The complainant will present a written complaint to the principal as described by AR 1312.2 Complaints Concerning Instructional Materials.
  2. The Superintendent shall determine whether a review committee should be convened.
  3. The review committee shall review the criteria specified in Board policy and determine whether the challenged material supports the curriculum, its educational appropriateness, and its suitability for the age level of the student.
  4. Within 30 days the review committee will summarize its findings in a written report.
  5. The Superintendent shall notify the complainant of the committee's decision within 15 days of receiving the committee's report.
  6. The complainant may appeal the decision to the Board. The Board's decision shall be final.