8th Grade » Science


The AMS Science Department follows the Next Generation Science Standards, California Integrated model for Eighth Grade Science. The content involves a variety of science topics from the main three categories: physical science, life science, and earth science. The curriculum involves mostly hands-on inquiry based activities that encourage creativity and critical thinking.

During the Properties of Waves Unit, students conduct a scientific investigation by applying their knowledge of the scientific design to formulate their own testable question.
Science Notebooks
The notebooks are an essential tool that we use every day in science class. Students will have regular notebook quizzes that will check for organization and completeness of the notebook as well as student understanding of most recent key concepts. 
A detailed table of contents, as well as all the directions for activities we do in class can be found on the class website. 

Topics covered:
Introduction to Science
Experimental Design
Isolating Variables
Writing Cl-Ev-R Conclusions
Motion & Forces
Newton’s Laws of Motion
Types of Forces
Engineering Design: Force Machines
Defining Potential and Kinetic Energy
Law of Conservation of Energy
Energy Transfer
Engineering Design: Newton Scooter Project
Properties of Waves
Wave Structure and Behavior
Waves as a Means of Energy Transfer (sound and light)
Human Technology
Earth, Moon, Sun Systems
Gravity in the Solar System
Scale/Formation of the Solar System
Patterns in Earth, Moon, Sun System (eclipses, seasons, lunar phases)
History of Earth
Geologic Time Scale of Earth
Law of Superposition
Evaluating Geologic Formations as Evidence
Genetics & Evolution
History of Life of Earth
Natural/Artificial Selection