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Albany Community Triathlon on Oct. 1st!

Come out for the Albany Community Triathlon on Oct. 1st! The event is a super sprint: a 17 length swim in the pool, a 11 lap bike ride and a 3.5 lap run around AHS and Memorial Park. It's a great work out! Plus, there will be festivities, food, swag and massages! If you don't want to enter on your own, enter as a team and each person can do their favorite part. See for details and to register.
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Jewish Parent Engagement Group - first meeting Sunday!

J-PEG, the Jewish Parent Engagement Group of Albany school district families inaugurated in June of 2017, wishes a "Shana Tovah" (good year) to those celebrating Jewish New Year! The first meeting of the new school year is on Sunday, September 17th from 9-10:30am at St. Alban's Episcopal Church, 1501 Washington Street, Albany. We will discuss the impact that the recent national and local rise in anti-Semitic activity is having on the lives of our own families. Mayor Peggy McQuaid will also take about 10 minutes to talk about the Albany Education Fund. Questions can be directed to

J-PEG is a group of self-identified Jewish families that will: (1) have a collective voice in the current efforts to address racism, anti-Semitism, and any other form of bias or hate (2) educate the school community about the facts of Jewish history, culture, and religion (3) ally with other parent engagement and community groups to help create an affirming and safe environment for all students and families (4) provide mutual support within our group around Jewish identity and anti-Semitism (5) embrace all Jewish identities (e.g. secular, interfaith, Jews of color, LGBTQ, all levels of observance).
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Back to School Night is coming up, 9/19!

Please join us for Back to School Night on Tuesday, September 19th, at 7 pm (7:15 if your student is in 6th grade and doesn't have a first period). This is an evening for parents and guardians only; students are asked to stay home. Your students will bring home a schedule the day before so that you know where to go. We look forward to seeing you there!
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Teaching Health at AMS

This is the second year that we are offering health education to seventh graders. This addition to our school's curriculum is a result of the California Healthy Youth Act, which Governor Jerry Brown signed in October 2015. This Act requires that students receive comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention education from a credentialed health teacher once in grades 7 or 8 and again in high school. The Comprehensive Sexual Health unit will be guided by several state laws (Education Code 51930-51939). All content will be delivered in an unbiased way that is inclusive of a range of sexual orientations, genders, family structures, and personal beliefs. This content will be delivered to students through wheel and music electives at intervals across the school year.
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